Summer 2012 Week 1 {Birthday Week}: Birthday Morning Traditions

One reason we love the North Shore of Massachusetts is because there are dozens of sweet and sacred spaces to be enjoyed.  We can drive to a nearby town and feel like we are on a beach vacation.  One of those places is Manchester-by-the-Sea.

And one of my favorite places to eat is the Beach Street Cafe

I have been eating grilled blueberry muffins here since college.  I came here the morning of my wedding day, with my entire family. And last year we began the tradition of eating here the morning of Cole’s Birthday.

Cole has joined me in enjoying grilled blueberry muffins, and he received a little birthday present from us, a “little gorilla” as a memory of a recent trip to the zoo where Cole fell in love with a little gorilla . . . He loved it.

Then we headed up on a most beautiful day to the Singing Sands of Singing Beach . . . As Cole walked upon them he told us they were singing Happy Birthday to him.

It was a great morning of adventure.  Shells were found, the ocean was played in, discoveries were made.

And I love the moments of family that hold our adventures together . . .

The tradition of eating out on Cole’s birthday is wonderful.  We all just get out of the house and allow someone else to do the cooking and cleaning, so we can concentrate on playing and exploring.  We are home early, to start the day, so it can happen any day of the week.

It has put the emphasis in all the right spots.  And has been a tremendous week.


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