Summer 2012 Week 1 {Birthday Week}: Visit Halibut Point

Birthday week kicked off with a tradition, visiting Halibut Point.  A beautiful spot in the world, that has meaningful significance to us.

It was just Cole and me exploring and looking for our “bench.”  He is such an active, coordinated little guy now.

Our picture together is much more active than last year.

I love that we have summer traditions, spots that we return to to mark another memory, to reflect on Cole’s growth.

Here he is in two of our other traditions in Newburyport:

And on a pedestaland this year, such bravery . . .

So here he is growing up before our eyes.  His changes are so evident.  Everything is different.  He has stretched in his mind and in his little body, and I celebrate the markers.

And then I reflect.  We have walked three years together.  How have I changed.  And I know that those markings are so internal, I am too a different person, and much of me has been stretched.

And then Cole, reminds me that I have changed too . . .

“Mama, there is a scratch by your eye.”

And I smile bigger . . .

“That my love, is a wrinkle.”

And with each new summer, with the beginning of a new year . . . it is not only good to look ahead to adventures to come.  It is good to pause and recognize where we have come from and to live in the changes that are happening right now.

Happy Summer, may we embrace it.


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