Birthday Celebrations: Things We Did

We showed you a peek of our decorations for our Airplane Birthday party for three year old Cole . . . here is what we did for our toddler party.

We sent out invitations two weeks in advance:

We invited four toddlers as Colton is turning three, and anyone in their families were also invited.

My friend Lisa welcomed them.  We had planned on having the check in outside, but alas, it was a rainy day

Lisa welcomed each person, gave them a little nametag, and collected information from each family about their address and their lunch request,

before pointing them in the direction of our photobooth (Terminal C).

Andrew made the little airplane from a pin I pinned on pinterest, we had a place for all of this set outside, but moved it all inside when the rain was predicted.

We put out a little crate of pilot costume accessories, and people participated, including our little guy, what fun!

From the photo booth the kiddos headed outside to color their own plane . . .

And then we all gathered inside for “take off.”  I read a book and the kiddos then went off on a Scavenger Hunt.

Each child had to find four “pilot tools” to put in their “pilot bag”: a compass, a propeller, a parachuter, and a map.  Once they had all four items they each received their own pair of pilot aviator glasses and they posed for a picture together.

Because the sun had come out we headed back outside for some paper airplane making and flying before lunch . . .

We put a variety of food on compostable trays as our “plane food”

We watched an inflight video that we made, ate cloud cupcakes with airplane toppers,  and opened presents.

Colton gave each of his friends a little handmade suitcase as a gift, thanking them for coming to our party.

A lovely little airplane party – Happy Birthday Cole!

Now check out the things we made for the party.


16 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations: Things We Did

  1. What a sweet party. I love the photo booth area! Thanks for linking to the Home Decor and Organizing Link Party. I’m featuring this on my blog today. Have a great week!


    • Kimberly,
      We found this airplane at a little “airplane museum” called Top Fun (seen here). It was on sale for $10. It is expensive on Amazon. It was a big hit. And his cousins finished coloring it when they came over.
      Take care,


  2. Thank you for sharing the details of this lovely party! What wonderful inspiration it is for me as I’m searching for ideas for my little guy’s airplane-themed party. Can you share any details about the adorable suitcase favor boxes? Did you make them or purchase them? I’d love some tips on how to use something simiilar for our party. Thank you so much for all the helpful and inspirational photos and journaling! 🙂


    • Melanie,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. We had a great time with an airplane theme, and highly recommend it. Would love to see pics of your party if you have it! I just put up an album of decor pics. At the end are some close ups of the suitcases. We got them at Michael’s, unpainted, and painted them up. You can see what we added inside and we also got travel stickers at Michael’s and added those on the outside.


      Good luck!


  3. Thank you so much for the response, Liza! I’m excited about the airplane theme and even glad that it’s been a challenge to find ready-made decor/favors/etc. since it forces me to get very creative. 🙂 Our party is later this month and I’m having so much fun planning it and dreaming about my son’s excitement on his big day. You did a fantastic job on your little guy’s party and it’s been really encouraging to me. Thank you again for letting me peek into your fabulous party and for sharing your wealth of knowledge, ideas, and pictures. Oh, and I have to say that your son is adorable! (Especially in that picture of him in the airplane). You are blessed!

    Thanks again, Liza!


  4. Hi we are planning an airplane themed party for our little one and I have been searching high and low for affordable eco friendly food trays. Where did you get yours? And where did you get the suitcases? They are so cute!


    • Amy, Thanks for checking in. The food trays we ordered from and the suitcases are from Michaels. We painted them. Hope that is helpful. Have a great party!


  5. Liza,

    Thanks so much for posting the airplane party pix. Do you remember who makes the coloring cardboard airplane? I can not find it anywhere on line.

    ~ Lynda


    • Lynda,
      Thanks for stopping by. It looks like the airplane (rocket) is made by Discovery Kids. I found it still available on Good luck,


  6. Hi! Awesome party! I will most likely being doing this next year for my son’s bday now! I was wondering, where did you get the aviator sunglasses? My son is going to be a fighter pilot for Halloween this year and those would be perfect for his costume!



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