Birthday Celebrations: Things We Made

Let me be honest.  I like the theme party.  This is not a new thing . . .

Last year when we went with the Nautical Theme for Cole’s second birthday, I found it made it both easier and more fun to plan . . .

So this year we chose “Airplanes” and dove in.  You can read about the things we did with toddlers.    Just like last year we bought some things and made some things.  And the requirement was that it be an enjoyable process for our little family – if not, not worth it.  You can see more pictures of the party decor as well.

The first thing we bought was an airplane.  We live near a very sweet antiquing town, so we went looking for an antique plane for inspiration.  We found this and we were on our way.

1.  Airplane – bought

2.  Airplanes – bought

We had one plane bought and then it was time to find a few other planes . . . and that, is not as easy as it sounds.  So I looked online for an Airplane Museum.  I found one a ways a way and though it did not look promising, we stopped there on a trip to Vermont and found planes galore.

Then we started making the decor

1.  Puffy Clouds – made

I was ready to cut clouds out of paper but I found a link to making clouds out of batten, and it was easy.

We simply broke off pieces of cotton, pulled and separated them.  Then we made a little corkscrew of wire, twisted it in, and hung it up with fishing wire.  We wound up making three of these, all of which could be seen from the front door when you walked in.

2.  Table Clouds – made

I also read that you can make clouds out of ivory soap.  It was tremendously easy, and was easily the decoration we were asked most about.

Take ivory soap, put a bar of it on the bottom of the microwave (no rotating unit) and watch it puff for 1 – 3 minutes.  It was really fun.

3.  Runway Runner – Made

Our little man and his friends were going to eat under this little canopy, but it was a rainy day, so they ate here instead . . .

We used a drop cloth for the table cloth, and then added a black out curtain (folded).  Andrew added the white duct tape, and I added the planes . . . a runway runner.

4. Video – made

The other “big” thing that we made was the “in-flight entertainment”  A Sharpteam Production.  Stayed tuned . . . it gets its own post . . .


10 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations: Things We Made

  1. I love the clouds hanging from the chandelier. What a creative way to bring in the airplane and decorate EVERY aspect of the party space. I also love the antique airplanes. It’s so much fun mixing old and new when you throw a party!


  2. I love the ivory soap clouds! Do they shrink after some time? My daughter’s birthday is coming up and the theme is “Clouds and Rainbows”. With all that I have to do to prepare, I’d love to do this a few days earlier, if possible. Thanks for sharing!


    • The clouds are very easy to make and do actually last a couple days. There is a small amount of settling after they come out of the microwave as the soap is still hot and moldable, but once it hardens up you should be good. Makes a room smell nice and fresh too. Good luck with your daughter’s party, sounds like it will be very festive!


  3. Hi. I love the simplicity and creativity! May I ask, did you make the airplane for the photo sessions? Also, how did you organize the hunt….the 3 year olds were able to follow the clues…? Thx!


    • My husband did build the airplane in the photo “booth” pictures. He cut the top out of a big box and used that as the wings, and then with another box he put together the propeller and tail. The kids did great on the scavenger hunt. We told them where to go (to the dining room) and what to look for (a compass) and we hid more toys than there were kids so that every child would have an easy time finding it.


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