Summer 2012 Week 2 {Transportation Week}: The Little Train

A month or so ago Cole and I strolled into our local mall to pick up something quickly and there was a train driving toward us, it was a sweet little train with children on board, a conductor who waved and even a little whistle and bit of steam that was released into the air.

And I have to admit . . . I was a little impressed.

I almost chased down the train and took a ride right then, but I have learned there is joy in the anticipation.  I checked the sign to be sure that train was going to be at the mall later and we saved the experience for Transportation Week.

Cole has been looking forward to this adventure for a while.  We were the first ones to ride the train (this is where we took the city bus to).  So Cole could choose whatever car he wanted . . .

Cole chose  . . .

The coal car!

He got his own ticket.  That the conductor punched . . .

And we were off . . .

Cole adored riding on the train and waving to people.  This child is undoubtedly an extrovert.

So never having been a fan of things at the mall that entice children to spend money

I am a fan of Cubby Caboose Mini Express . . . and they are all over the nation.  Who knew?


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