Fourth of July Adventure

We were not going to post two times on July 4th, but we had to share our morning outing.  We went to a new museum that we are ready to endorse and share with friends and family right away.

Today we went to the brand new Boston Tea Party Museum.

We do love being in Boston on the morning of July 4th, it is a quiet, reflective place to be, with tons of history.  Two years ago we went on a walking tour, we both posted about it.

This year we headed down town to explore a new “museum.” we had no expectations, but all three of us loved the interactive experience of learning about the Boston Tea Party.

Each of us was assigned a role and given a feather.  And then we were roused to board the ships by Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty.

Aboard the ship we played a part in throwing the tea into the sea.  Then we got to explore the ships.

They have a tea room (note to my friend, Lisa, I am ready to go to tea here whenever you are)!

We were escorted through an interactive and interesting presentation in the Museum, though we could not take pictures, we would recommend it.  It was historical and interesting.  At the end of the tour we wound up in a wonderful gift shop.

We are thrilled to welcome this new museum to Boston and excited to recommend it.


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