Happy July 4th and Meeting A Goal State by State

I was born in Connecticut, Andrew in Georgia, and Colton was born in Massachusetts. I have lived in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Georgia, California, and Texas.  I have visited over half of the United States and long to see the beauty of the rest of it.

Living in Texas for some of our first years of marriage (though there are many good things one can say about Texas), it made us long for the beauty of New England where Andrew and I both grew up.

When Andrew was able to work from home, we were able to choose where in this great country we wanted to live.  We drove up the East Coast and admired much of it, but none of it felt like home until we got to New England.

We love that every New England state is within hours of where we live.

So when we made our own goals for this year.  One of them was to take an overnight to every New England State by the end of the year . . . we are almost there . . . we will be staying overnight in Maine in August.

So on this day celebrating living in the United States, here are some images from each of our overnight trips . . .

Jackson, New Hampshire

Mystic, Connecticut

Newport, Rhode Island

Stowe, Vermont

Massachusetts is where we live now, so that is where most of our pictures are from.  We love Maine, we can get there in an hour and we do lots of day trips.  One of my favorite overnights ever was last summer in Maine.

These little adventures are my favorite kind of goals.  They help me to slow down and appreciate where we live and our beautiful country.

Happy Fourth of July!  Adventure Well!


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