Summer 2012 Week 2 {Transportation Week} – Reflection

Summer 2012 Week 2

Things We Did Not Blog About 

  1. The form of transportation we used the most this week, the car.  We road-tripped up to Vermont and reorganized our van a bit.  We blogged about taking a road trip last year, and we will have a whole week of this in August, so we did not write about it this week.
  2. We went on a ferry boat this week with Cousin Oliver and his incredible parents.  It was another great form of transportation.  We love the Boston Harbor Islands as you can see in this post and this post.
  3. We also went on a carosel with cousin Oliver.  A form of transportation that brings you back to where you started.

Things We Wish We Had Thought of . . . 

After most things Andrew and I debrief, reflect on what we would change and what we did well.  Thought I would share that here, and that way it is writing for us to refer back to . . . .

  1. I should carry some cash.  This caused adventures that I would have rather have avoided on our city bus extravaganza
  2. I wish we had planned packing better and started earlier.  We do have a packing list that we have gotten out of the habit of using.  And typically I start putting aside clothes and such in the guest room leading up to packing so that we are not up the night before trying to remember what to bring . . . but before our trip to Vermont this week we had a party and then Andrew went out of town on business, so I did not get to it until the night before and day of.  We forgot Cole’s bike and could not find the camera charger.  Intentional planning for me = less stress.
  3. I had hoped to take Cole on the T (Boston’s subway) or the commuter rail this week, but did not fit it in, some day . . .

Things We Are Glad We Did . . . 

  1. I began transportation week with a few ideas of things we wanted to do (my goal for the summer is 3 posts per week), but other opportunities presented themselves, and I love that because we were intentionally having transportation week we noticed opportunities we may not have.
  2. I am so grateful for our time talking with Joe the bus driver.  I really appreciated hearing his story and the way he invested in Cole.
  3. I am so glad that we took a couple of nights away.  I believe getting out of our daily routine brings more appreciation for it and a realignment with what is most important.

So our first week of summer is complete . . . We are well on our way to 10 intentional weeks of summer.

During Transportation Week We . . . 


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