Summer 2012 Week 2 {Transportation Week} : A Motor Coach


At the end of Transportation week, we came upon this big bus parked in Vermont.  The driver was reading outside so we asked if Cole could have a tour.  Joe, the driver was amazing and he not only showed Cole the inside of the bus, he let him pretend to drive . . .


Joe showed Cole how to turn on the bus, how to use the turn signals,  how to blow the horn, how to lower the shades and how to use a number of other buttons.  What a wonderful way to end transportation week, to learn more about how driving works.  Cole was in heaven.

Then Joe brought Cole outside for a couple of other parts of the tour.


Cole learned about the bus, and I was inspired by this wonderful, giving man, father of 10, 7 of whom were adopted.  It was an amazing experience, a reminder that some of the best adventures are spontaneous, and that we must be open to just asking.


Thank you Joe, we admire and appreciate you.



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