Summer 2012 Week 3 {Science Week} : Introduction

As we head into week 3 of summer I am thinking 2 things:

  1.  Numbering the weeks actually helps me feel like summer is not speeding by so quickly. If I am on week three of summer, I am not even a third of the way through the ten weeks.
  2. I can still tweak how I share our experiences with you.

So this week, I thought I would write an introduction to our week, give you a peek at what we are thinking of doing during the week, and together we can discover ways to bring Science ideas to a three year old.

I chose Science Week because Andrew and I both love learning, and our hope for Cole is to help him develop a sense that there are new things to discover all around us, encouraging him to become a life long learner.

This week I am thinking we will try the following:

  • We will try and go to a museum, we have passes to a local museum, a Children’s Museum, and a Science Museum and all the museums that offer reciprocity, so we have lots of choices, we will see what fits in with our schedule.

These are things we can fit into our week.  We will also keep our eyes open for science going on around us.  As I type Cole is trying to figure out how to balance various toys.  There is Science to learn all around.  Looking forward to a fun week of learning.


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