Summer 2012 Week 3 {Science Week} : Will it Float?

We began our first exposure to science today.  Just before the boys got home I ran around the house and pulled together various objects (dark blue bowl), a bowl of water and two other colored bowls.

The empty bowls were for Cole to put the objects once he tested them in the water.

The boys were both surprised to find me when they walked through the gate, and Cole was so excited to find an experiment with water, where we were encouraging him to throw things in.

The first object in was a ball.  Cole was amazed that it did float.  He tried to push it down to the bottom.  He was intrigued that it did not stay.  And there we had it, the introduction to the word FLOAT.

We Discovered Things That Float

And We Discovered Things That Sink

This was a true toddler lab.

  • We gathered materials.
  • We learned our new scientific terms: float and sink
  • We used a constant variable: the water
  • We tested our independent variables.
  • We made our observations.
  • And then we recorded our observations (no writing yet, but Cole used the bowls to identify the results.
  • We did draw any real conclusion other than some things float and other things sink, but this is powerful knowledge to a three year old who will be continuing this experiment in the pool, in the ocean and in his tub.


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