Summer 2012 Week 3 {Science Week} : Magnetic Attraction

Andrew showed Colton how the two magnets were attracted to each other, but not other things.  And then he pulled out the tray of things he had gathered from around the house.

Cole adored the reaction between the two magnets and loved when they would attach to every day objects.

Here are the many faces of magnetic attraction . . .

Here are the objects that Cole deemed magnetic:

And if he were a little older, I might use this experiment to share his story with him.

We are still working on how to explain adoption to him.  And his story has many different facets . . .

But I might say to him that we three are a family of magnets, that we each were out in the world, but there was a pull that was bringing us together.  And even when there were obstacles (like that paper up above), the pull was so strong, that we all came together, we three.  And that is his story, one of being born into the world and drawn into our care.  And we are forever grateful.


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