Summer 2012 Week 3 {Science Week} – Reflection

Summer 2012 Week 3

Things We Did Not Blog About

This week we did not do any science that we did not blog about.  However there were other experiments that I had thought about doing, and probably will be doing in the days ahead.  If we intentionally did science this week, we blogged about it here.

Things We Wish We Had Thought of . . . 

1.  I planned experiments for when Andrew was with us, so that he could be a part.  So usually our experiments happened at the end of the day.  In the future I would want to be more intentional, and prepare Cole for the experiment.  I wish I would have talked about transparency or magnets more throughout the day, to really help him understand the concept.

2.  When we had our cousins over, dinner was cooking and I rushed through things.  There is much more joy in experiments and adventures when we slow down and really engage.  I did not do that very well, and it was a lesson learned.

3.  We had a busy week, but I should have remembered to just be open to looking and seeing our theme around us (we did this more in transportation week).

Things We Are Glad We Did . . . 

1.  I am really glad we did Science Week, it was a different focus and rhythm for us, but it was great to be intentional about Science.

2.  It was good to go to the Children’s Museum for just a short amount of time, and as a family be inspired by one of the experiments and come home and redo it at home.

3.  One night Cole was exhausted and had a hard day.  So even though I had the experiment (Oil & Water) ready to go.  Instead we took the time to just be with Cole, and we read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day instead of doing the experiment.  He slept well and then we did the experiment in the morning, and it was wonderful, we were all refreshed and interested.

During Science Week We . . . 


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