Summer 2012 Week 4 {Water Adventures} : Floating on Water

We have begun water week by embracing local opportunities to boat on the water.  It is a lovely thing to do on hot days, and was especially fun to do with cousins.


We began by taking a ferry boat on the ocean.  A ferry is always an opportunity for adventure.  When we lived in Houston we found a free ferry by the San Jacinto Monument.  I have grown up enjoying the big Lake Champlain Ferries and the little Ticonderoga Ferry.  Last summer we took a ferry out to explore Peaks Island.  And this summer we walked on a ferry to explore another Boston Harbor Island.  A ferry ride is a wonderful adventure.

Swan Boat

Followed by a little boat on a pond.

The Swan Boats of Boston hold so much history, having operated for over 130 years in Boston.  I enjoyed them in my childhood, and love watching Cole enjoy them with his cousins in this summer.  It is a tradition that will surely live on in Boston.  But there are lots of other opportunities for small boat adventures.  We have loved grabbing the opportunity to take out a paddle boat, we have done it at the York Zoo, in Houston, and in the ocean off the Dominican Republic.  Kayaking or canoeing are other fun little boat activities that we have enjoyed.


And then by redeeming a Groupon to ride the Charles Riverboat on a river.  We do like taking tour boats where there is a guided tour.  Our favorite was local, the Essex River Cruises.  I was prepared for this guided tour . . . I packed all kinds of things to keep Cole entertained.  The big hit was Crayola Wonder Makers and Paper.  Not only did Cole enjoy them, by the end of the ride we had a half a dozen kids join him in making creations.  Pretty sweet.

Grateful to get out on the water in the summer.

Happy summer days!


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