Summer 2012 Week 4 {Water Week} : Swimming

Colton’s great joy this summer is being in the water.  It began on our trip to Vermont, there was a pool at the inn we stayed at, and Colton shouted with glee for the entire time he was in the water and mourned when it would be time to leave.  You can hear him in the above video, he smiles and laughs all the while.

So this week, getting him in the water was no hardship.


He began in the ocean with his cousins.

First off the coast of Spectacle Island, where it was a little bay and the water was calm.

And then to a local beach where Cole loved trying to stand up to the waves.

Just a note, that taking pictures near water while watching a three year old, is not my forte.

Kiddie Pool

This is our little guy at the age of 1 exploring our local kiddie pool.  It is at a State Park, and I never would have known except a friend talked about it.  It felt like a special secret that was a great local discovery.

Cole went under the mushroom for the first time this week.  He was tremendously proud.


It is nice to be in an area where there are many local pools.

This one is at the YMCA, where Cole finally (motivated by blogging about water week) took his first swimming lesson.  We have been saying we would do it and have not for the past couple of years.  But we got him into swimming lessons and into the local pool with Papa.  Again he laughed the entire time.

I wish I could have captured the glee on his face, but alas, you are not supposed to take pictures at the YMCA (who knew), so the above were all before I was spoken to by the authorities.

So getting in the water is a must for a summer to do list.

I grew up in Vermont swimming in ponds and lakes.  Hoping that wherever you are there is some kind of water to climb into and that the summer days are long and enjoyable.


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