Summer 2012 Week 4 {Water Week} : Learning About Steam


Cole continues to ask if we are going to do a science experiment after doing one a day during Science Week.

So we did a small one today introducing him to water in a different form, and talking about the weather a bit.

We began by talking about all the different places that he has seen water.  He was good at naming sources of water (faucet, bathtub) in the house and bodies of water (pool, beach, lake).

I asked him about if there was ever water in the sky.  He shook his head not understanding.  I signed “rain” and he shouted with glee, “rain, rain, rain!”

I asked him where rain comes from, and that was a baffling question, “I don’t know.” he answered honestly.  I told him the rain came from the clouds.

We then pretended the cotton balls were clouds and tried to get rain out of them: nothing.

We turned to Papa who was boiling water on the stove.

Andrew held a “cloud” in tongs over the boiling water.  And we explained that there was water in the pot.

Andrew had to hold that cotton ball there a long time to get water into it.  He put it aside to cool and did two at a time the next time.  And three was our limit on waiting.

As Cole squeezed a “dry” cloud one more time, we placed the other steamed clouds in front of him, asking him if he thought they would have water in them.  He shook his head, wondering why we would think such a thing.  Until he squeezed . . .

And delightedly smiled.

We are enjoying the curiosity of a three year old and are both grateful for times of intentional directed learning as a family.  We know there is much that he has yet to understand, but beginning a conversation and encouraging good question asking has been a joy thus far.


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