Summer 2012 Week 4 {Water Week} : Learning About Water Vapor


This week we ventured on with our scientific experiments.


It cracks me up that when I ask Cole what he thinks we are going to do next he smiles and asks, “A science experiment?”

“We are!”  I was able to answer after dinner.

This one took very little prep.  We grabbed a couple of glasses.  We checked them to make sure there was nothing in them, and then placed them upside down, one on grass and one on concrete.  We asked Cole what he thought would happen.  He had no idea.

Then the next morning we arose and this is what we found . . .


The glass that was on concrete had nothing inside . . . but the one on the grass had water.

Cole checked it out.


Cole loved exploring it to try and see where it had come from.  “It came from the grass, I told him, the grass is living and it releases water into the air.”

What’s happening: Grass and other plants “breathe” by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen (the opposite of people). This exchange produces water vapor. Under the first jar, the vapor is warmed by the sun, then condenses on the cooler glass. Since there’s no breathing under the second glass, vapor isn’t produced, and the glass stays dry. Originally published in the April 2012 issue ofFamilyFun magazine.

Pretty wonderful.


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