Summer 2012 Week 4 {Water Week} : Learning About Ice

After showing Cole all about steam and different uses for liquid water, it was time to venture into exploring ice. Cole helped by choosing 4 of his animals that would be put inside some balloons.

Preparing for ice balloonsI explained to Cole that we would put the animals in the balloons and then fill them with water. Cole insisted that he would blow up a balloon. So he tried.

blowing up a balloonWhile Cole attempted to inflate the balloon, I went ahead and put the animals in the balloons and filled them with water.

Putting a turtle in a ballonAfter they were filled Cole got ready to put them in the freezer.

displaying the filled balloonsOne by one Cole very happily placed the balloons in the freezer. I think he was hoping there would be an ice cream sandwich in his future.

putting ballon in freezerAfter explaining it was time for bed and not time to eat ice cream and that when he would wake up the next day, the balloons would be frozen, Cole decided it was best to help close the freezer.

closing the freezer

The next morning we checked the balloons in the freezer.

We brought the frozen balloons out to the porch to open them up and examine what happened to the water and animals.

opening frozen balloonCole loved how the balloons went from soft to hard and that the animals were frozen inside the water.


We then put the ice in a bin to see what would happen the following morning.
Ice animals in binThe next morning Cole was excited to see the ice was gone and the animals were in a bin of water.

Cole with wet animalsCole was very astute and explained when the water was cold it turned to ice and when it was warm it turned back to water.

Cole playing with animalsThen like most things these days, Cole decided it was important to put the animals in a line. He did great and learned a lot about water and ice.

Lining up animals


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