Summer 2012 Week 5 {Art Adventures} : Mess Free Finger Painting

Allow me to clearly confess two things as I dive into “Art Adventures” with my toddler: first, I am not an artist.  I never took an art class, not one; second, I do not love a mess.

So we started art week slowly.  I put some finger paint inside a ziploc bag and taped it to the window.

And then I encouraged Cole to climb on up and “paint” with his fingers.  He was hesitant.  This child goes to “school” two times a week, and he has finger-painted before.  He thought I was limiting him, I could see it.

He took one finger and tentatively began to “paint.”

And then he really began to move the paint around.

It was so fun I added more baggies.

And when Papa came home, there was art ready to greet him.

Cole stayed and played by the windows the rest of the night.

And I jumped into art week with a little more confidence and a little less fear.


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