Summer 2012 Week 5 {Art Adventures} : Painting

We were introduced to Plaster Fun Time by our foster child, Susan, it was the first of many Saturday adventures together, and I would not have known about it or considered it if it was not for her.  I thought of her a great deal on this adventure.

Plaster Fun Time has dozens of different plaster molds for kids to paint.  Cole spent a good deal of time examining his options.  He changed his mind at least 27 times . . . the sun, a frog, a guitar, a shoe, a fire truck, the frog . . . and on and on.  I finally narrowed it down to two that he had returned to a number of times: a frog or the tow truck, and he chose the tow truck.

He first painted it with primer.

I am such a first time mom.  I dressed him in his tie dye shirt so that he would not get any paint on his clothes and I was super ready to jump in . . . he did not need me.  Not only did he paint like a trooper, there were no spills, no mishaps.

He picked out the colors.  I suggested he paint the entire truck blue first.

And he did. He was patient and focused.  He then painted the tires black, the headlights yellow, and the windows silver.  He was much more careful than I expected.

And then at the end, he “added decoration.”

He loved it.

And so do I.

Am I biased because I think it is a masterpiece?


  1. I have never thought of plaster molds as art.
  2. I have thought of children’s art projects as clutter.
  3. I have not appreciated parents sharing their children’s art.
  4. I cannot believe I am blogging about it.
  5. I am a changed woman.

Being intentional to slow down and focus on Cole’s creativity, to really sit with him and know him in this stage has been really, really good for me.  It has been a reminder to truly embrace these moments and live fully in the present.  I am so grateful.


2 thoughts on “Summer 2012 Week 5 {Art Adventures} : Painting

  1. Liza, love love love your admissions! lol, we’re all the same. I know when other people see my cluttered family room walls (there’s barely a spot left that doesn’t have a drawing or ripped out colorbook page) they don’t consider it high design, but I don’t care that my family room won’t be in Better Homes and Gardens. To me, I have my own personal art gallery, and am so proud of it! heehee, Kel


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