Summer 2012 Week 5 {Art Adventures} : Real Finger Painting

With each little step during Art Week, I am getting more comfortable with doing art projects with a three year old.  Reminder: I have never taken an art class, and I am not a fan of messiness.  But with Andrew home we jumped all the way in and went for finger painting.

Cole was a bit hesitant at first, but he jumped all the way in, and he enjoyed all of it immensely.

He was  a little messy and pretty proud of himself.

We then appreciated Cole’s art and allowed it to inspire us.  What do you see?

Or what do you see when you look at this?

Here is what we saw . . .

I am a little in love.  We had initially said that they would go in Andrew’s office, but now that I see them, we are talking about matting them and finding a place for them here at home.

Toddler Finger Painting Art.

A special shoutout to Andrew for taking the time to cut out the details.  I love my two artists!

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2 thoughts on “Summer 2012 Week 5 {Art Adventures} : Real Finger Painting

    • Great question, Emily. We all looked at the colors and decided together what animal we most thought the colors looked like. Then we searched Google images for a profile drawing of that animal. We printed it out and my husband cut the image out, traced it, and cut the image out of the painting.


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