Summer 2012 Week 5 {Art Week} – Reflection

Summer 2012 Week 5

Things We Did Not Blog About 

  1. I did it . . . this week I took Cole to an Art Gallery by myself, something I have been thinking about doing since I saw the lady at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  I worked at following my own tips that Andrew and I have used together, and the trip was lovely.  I found it relaxing and inspiring.  Cole had many fans as people commented on what a good little boy he was and how wonderful it was to see him appreciating art at such a young age.

2.  We stopped in at a local arts and crafts fair.  And when we do fall in love with something by a local artist, we try and support them.  We bought a glass globe by Aron Leeman.

3.  We did some painting during bath time this week.  It was simple and fun. We put shaving cream in a muffin tin and used food coloring to color it.  Cole loved painting the wall and himself.

During Art Week We . . . 




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