Summer 2012 Week 7 {Sensory Adventures} : Guest Post

After reading about Liza’s first few weeks of summer adventures, I decided to use her and Cole as inspiration and plan some adventures of my own.

Meet Will and Loch, these two little guys are who I get the privilege and joy of spending the majority of my time with.  Will is 4, and as he told me the other day, has orange hair. He is a bright little boy who asks lots of questions and likes to have his things “just so”.  Loch is 2 with quite the personality packed into his little body.  Not afraid of anything, he leaps into everything with nothing held back.

This week was our 3rd week adventuring and we explored the 5 senses.  I have found a few things that we do every week, no matter the theme.

For our first day we always hit up the library.  These days when we get in the car and I ask Lochy where he wants to go, he always says the library!  Having been watching him since he was 3 months old, this blows my mind and gives me such joy to see him growing and loving to learn! Once there Will and I spend some time with the librarians finding books that have to do with our theme.  This has worked really well with us as it allows me to highlight reading on top of our theme and have a few great resources at home with us for the rest of the week.

Besides the library, I plan activities for Will and I while Loch naps.  It can sometimes be a little boring to be the big brother who no longer takes naps, so these times have given Will something extra to look forward to and are always sweet to be just the two of us.

One of the senses we explored this week was our sense of smell.  First I gathered up some items from the kitchen.

Then Will got ready to use his sniffer and identify what he was smelling.

Will did great and guessed all of them correctly, except for vinegar which he described as very very strong as he crinkled up his nose.

After he had smelled all four he looked up and asked, “But Jade what about water? What does water smell like?” What a great question! I went and grabbed some water and Will was surprised and elated to discover that water has no smell! And what is a better way to end learning than with some yummy chocolate?

In the end the boys really loved the 5 senses week, I think it was right at their level and Will was really able to take hold of it and fully understand.

His dad told me the first night he was excited to tell him what our 5 senses were.  And another time we were watching good old Little Einsteins, and Will looked up at me so excited saying, “Jade! Jade! They’re using their ears to hear the music!”

I love seeing these little men excited to learn and taking things in around them!

I met Jade when she was in eighth grade and we connected over Apple computers.  Since then we have traveled into the jungles of Venezuela together, she has visited me wherever I have lived.  She walked through my engagement and wedding with me and celebrated with us when we adopted Cole.  I have sent her over seas as she traveled and have encouraged her through college and dating.  I love this girl.  And I admire her.  Jade grew up the oldest of five tremendous siblings and has wisdom far beyond her years. She has nannied these two little guys with such depth and ease that I learn from her.   

Thank you Jade for sharing.  You are a gift.

Sensory Adventures


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