Summer 2012 Week 8 {Road Trip Adventures} : Places We Ate

On our most recent road trip, we did not eat well.  Regular meals and snacks are important for us, and healthy food is important for how we feel, and all three of us like to eat things that taste delicious.

So we upped our intentionality on food and had a great food vacation.

Some highlights:

When we were hungry as we headed out the door, instead of stopping for a donut (which we have been known to do on road trips of the past), we grabbed a bag of already cut up cauliflower.  Neither Andrew nor Cole love cauliflower, but we ate the whole bag and agreed it was the perfect way to snack on vacation.

Our first planned stopped was just an hour away at one of our favorite places to stop for lunch, Stonewall Kitchen.


Our next stop was our favorite in the world.  We dedicated a full post to the discovery of The Well at Jordan’s Farm.  It is the most lovely and delicious farm to table spot in Elizabethtown, Maine.


We all enjoyed sitting at a picnic table by the gardens and eating delicious food.


Day 1 started off our vacation eating on a great note!

Reminders to ourselves:

  1. Pack healthy snacks
  2. Begin eating somewhere you know and like
  3. Choose Farm to Table, enjoy it, delight in it

Happy Eating!

Road Trip Adventures


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