Summer 2012 Week 8 {Road Trip Adventures} : Road Trip Lessons

In July we took a little road trip to Jackson, New Hampshire.  Jackson is a place we visited as a couple in the winter.  There were so many fun things, that we agreed we would return in the summer with Cole.

We stopped at Clark’s on the way up . . .

We took another train ride . . .


And went to our first amusement park as a family, Storyland.


And it was our least favorite trip as a family.

Some of the things that made it hard . . .

  • Colton had the grumples
  • We ate food like hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches (nor our usual fare)
  • The place we stayed was so bad that we only stayed there one night and then packed up and went home
  • We spent way too many unexpected hours on the road
  • The car falt chaotic and messy
  • The entire trip was focused on things Cole would like to do

So when it came to heading off on our week long vacation . . . we made some intentional decisions, before ever getting in the car.

  1. We reminded ourselves and each other that everyone gets to choose their own mood, and that Andrew and I could choose grace and peace, despite Cole’s mood.
  2. Eating food that is healthy and delicious is a choice we love to make, so it became a priority.
  3. We would make the very best out of the places we had chosen to stay (our reservations were already made).
  4. We would make stops along the way and drive in and out of the Boston area at non-peak times.
  5. We would pack the car with more intention and work together to keep to a system.
  6. We would choose to do things that Andrew and I like to do, and Cole would join us on our vacation . . . because the truth is Cole is usually pretty excited by anything we call an adventure.

One trip inspired another and we were all the better for it.

Road Trip Adventures


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