Summer 2012 Week 8 {Road Trip Adventures} : Places We Stayed

Our road trip was shorter this year, so we only stayed in two places.  We decided with Cole, we would go “camping.”

So we checked out our favorite camping site, KOA, and picked two different kinds of camping.

The first was a camper/trailer.

Now I admit, I am much more of the Bed & Breakfast/Inn kind of girl.  But this was a really fun way to get out and explore during the summer.  We were pleasantly surprised with the size and cleanliness of our little home for the night . . . though the decor definitely showed its age.


There was a lovely community feel at this campground.  We arrived on “Halloween Night.”  So kids were in costume, and there was candy and hay rides.  Cole had his first cotton candy from the camper who had rented a cotton candy machine and was giving it out free.


The second place we stayed was also a KOA, but this time we chose a tried and true KOA  cabin.


It is a little cabin, but the perfect size for us, and we loved the screened in porch.


Cole loved both places, and  he would often say, “I wish we could go back to the camper,” or “I don’t want to go home, I like the cabin.”


We first tried KOA back in 2004 on a road trip down the East Coast to Houston, Texas. It is cheaper than a hotel room and we prefer it in the summer.  So happy that Cole agreed with us.

And yes, our three year old slept on the top bunk.  He and Andrew convinced me.  He loved it.

Happy Camping!

Road Trip Adventures


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