Summer 2012 Week 8 {Road Trip Adventures} : We’re Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo and then Something New, New, New

On our drive up, we stopped an hour in for food and then went with full bellies to the zoo, just minutes away and on our way.


This was a much better plan than our July trip where we went out of our way hungry to a new destination.  There had been a show starting in minutes, so starving we had scarfed down food.  This was a much more relaxed and enjoyable way of road tripping.

After leaving the zoo we did hit traffic . . . but this time, we turned around, got ice cream and went a different way.  Lessons learned.  Embrace and work with what is and find the delight even in the hard.

Once we were on the highway, Cole took a nap, and as we neared our dinner destination, I looked for a park near by, and this is the part of road tripping I love.  We stumbled upon a beautiful place in the world.

We remembered this trip that we want to do things that we have always enjoyed doing and bringing Cole with us makes it all the more lovely.

Plan and be open.

We had not even arrived at our first destination and we ate and played well.

Road Trip Adventures


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