Summer 2012 Week 8 {Road Trip Adventures} : Desert of Maine

Did you know that there is a desert in Maine?

I read about it a couple of years ago, and thought it would be a fun little adventure.  When we found ourselves two miles away, we went ahead and took a tour.

It is fascinating.  My understanding is that over 10,000 years ago a glacier scraped across what is now Maine, leaving a sandy substance.  Over the years topsoil covered this large deposit.

When William Tuttle bought three hundred acres of land and farmed it, decades of farming led to poor crop rotation, overgrazing and then an emergence of what had been deposited below . . . glacial silt, and the soil was replaced by the sand below it.

It began to overtake the land.  The Tuttles tried to prevent further growth of the desert, but abandoned the land.

It was a bit shocking that over eight  feet below us was a the top of  a Spring House.  We saw a picture of a young woman sitting above it when the top was still visible.


In 1919 the land was purchased by Henry Goldrup.  He opened it up as a tourist attraction in 1925.


The forest and soil now are overtaking the desert anew.


We really enjoyed our little geology lesson.


I love finding new adventures.

Adventure well!

Road Trip Adventures


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