Summer 2012 Week 8 {Road Trip Adventures} : Bar Harbor

Three Fun (and almost Free) Things to do in Bar Harbor in a day.

1.  Walk on the Bar

There is a very special bar in Bar Harbor. Not one where you go to drink, but one, during low tide that is exposed and walkable, as a path.  Be sure to time your journey well, as it will disappear again below the water.

We enjoyed walking out.  We arrived just as it was beginning to disappear and many were making the return across the bar after exploring the island.

It is a lovely place to explore, and one of these days we will make it all the way out to the island.

2.  Explore the Shore Path

We are big fans of the Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island and the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine.  Bar Harbor has its own little walk along the ocean.  For this one we talked Cole into going in the back pack and had a lovely stroll.

3.  Visit Acadia National Park

The third fun and free thing to do when in Bar Harbor is to visit Acadia Park.  Much of this park is free, though we did make two purchases.  The first was a cd, so that we could take an Auto tour (we have been on a bus tour which we also highly recommend).

This cd allowed us to explore the park at our own pace over a few days.  We got out often and enjoyed Acadia . . .

One of our favorite times as a family was hiking together up to Bubble Rock.  Cole loved this!

What a wonderful place to vacation as a family.  We love bar harbor.

Road Trip Adventures


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