Summer 2012 Week 8 {Road Trip Adventures} : Places We Ate, Part 2

As we posted previously, we decided we would eat well as we vacationed in Maine. We continued on in that vain with the next 2 places we stopped to refuel.

When we vacation, we like to find places off the beaten path and avoid large crowds. So with that in mind, we headed off to the far side of the island to a little place Liza found on a local tourist map, the Claremont Hotel.

They have 2 restaurants, one of which was open for lunch so we sat down right on the ocean at the Boathouse and had one of our favorite meals of our vacation.

Places We Ate Claremont House

Cole was kept busy with an orange helicopter and a new static writing tablet.

After we ate our delicious food, we walked out to the dock and checked out the grounds of the hotel.

Places We Ate Claremont Hotel ExploreAfter this little adventure, we explored more of the island while Colton took a nap. As we meandered around the island, we slowly headed back to toward Jordan Pond. We had made a reservation at one of the most famous places in Bar Harbor for dinner, The Jordan Pond House Restaurant.

The location is unbelievable and we did arrive a little early so we could explore Jordan Pond before sitting down to dinner.

Places We Ate Jordan Pond Explore

They are best known for their pop overs, which we ended up buying a second round of because they were so delicious!

Places We Ate Jordan Pond Pop Overs

Road Trip Adventures


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