Summer 2012 Week 8 {Road Trip Week} – Reflection

We loved our road trip vacation!  After our not so great trip to New Hampshire this summer, we felt as if we had reflected on it, and were able to make adjustments to ensure a fun, relaxing time for all three of us.

Things We Did Not Blog About

  1. This is the last picture of our beloved Nalgene bottle.  We loved this bottle.  We purchased two after research into the best bottle, posting about it here.  Before we left I went to purchase two more as they have lasted us so long.  And they no longer had them.  And then Cole left it in a field, when we went to eat in a field, and that is probably where it remains 😦  We have moved on to camelbacks from LL Bean.  I miss the Nalgene grip n’ gulp every day.
  2. Before this trip we purchased a LeapPad for Cole.  It was a little impulsive, but I thought it could be the perfect bridge toy . . . What I mean is that there are times when we are figuring out things, and we need Cole to just sit and entertain himself for a bit.  This is what we used it for and it was highly received.  When we moved our stuff in or out of a new place, instead of climbing in and out of cabinets and finding old insulation and circuit breakers (as he did in New Hampshire), our little guy now finds a sweet spot while we unpack or pack.  It will be good for doctors office visits as well.
  3. When you see a giant Native American, shouldn’t you get a picture?  Cole thought so.
  4. And speaking of pictures, Cole took this one, and a couple of others this week.  So wild and so fun.
  5. We also did not blog about our stop on the way home . . . Fort Knox, Maine.  It was a great stop, with this amazing bridge/observatory and a whole fort to explore.  Perfect. Always make the journey an adventure.

Things We Wish We Had Thought of . . . 

After most things Andrew and I debrief, reflect on what we would change and what we did well.  Thought I would share that here, and that way it is writing for us to refer back to . . . .

  1. Restaurants – we did bring healthy snacks with us.  But we did not research Bar Harbor restaurants before we got into town . . . which made for a first night of searching and looking and where we wound up?  At the same restaurant we had eaten at when we visited in 2009.  We knew we would be eating out, it would have been good to find a couple of options ahead of time.
  2. For this vacation we chose to stay out of town, and we enjoyed it immensely, but for future trips, we are really finding that we like staying in town, in walking distance of restaurants and stores, just a preference at this stage in life.

Things We are Glad We Did . . . 

  1. We did research the area a bit and had one reservation (the airplane ride) and then a number of outings we knew we would like to enjoy.  We did not have a set agenda, but always had options for things to do.  And maybe next time we will get to go to Diver Ed’s Dive In Theater.
  2. We had a well-stocked restaurant bag.  Before the trip I went to the Dollar Store, a place I now admire, and spent very little money on a number of new treats.  Each time we went to a restaurant Cole would begin with coloring (something places normally supply) and then when he got a little restless, I brought out something new.  He loved a Lightening McQueen puzzle, it became the go to item, but he enjoyed a number of other new surprises as well.  I love the restaurant bag (it remains in our car at all times).  It contains crayons and coloring books, books, and surprises as well as wipes.
  3. We are so glad we focused on the things that Andrew and I were most interested in doing . . . exploring Acadia, climbing up to Bubble Rock, exploring the island, walking the Shore path.  Doing what we love brought joy to the vacation and Cole was not grumpy at all, he mirrored our joy.
  4. We treated each day as if it had plenty of hours, and if we wanted to stop somewhere, we stopped, and it so added to our vacation.  We loved the zoo, the lighthouse, LL Bean, the fort and finding the observation tower on a bridge.  They were highlights for us, and none of them were at our destination.  Make the journey an adventure.

During Road Trip Week We . . . 

What a wonderful Summer Adventure!

Road Trip Adventures


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