Summer 2012 Week 9 {Dating Adventures} : Introduction

For seven years it was me and Andrew.  We didn’t ever schedule a date night, because everything was a shared adventure, and that was always way better than a date.  Our first official date was 14 hours long.  We went to two different beaches, a short hike to sit on some rocky cliffs, we had lunch, we had dinner, he brought me home, I showed him home movies . . . Our times together since that first date have been rich and deep. I love spending time with Andrew.  For seven years our life was one big dating adventure.

Cole came into our lives in 2009.  And the adventures since then have been amazing and different.  Three people on an adventure is different than two.  And one little guy with his little needs makes adventuring . . . different.

I know that many parents institute date night.  It has not worked for us.  It does not fill my soul.  I don’t like the time getting dressed up, orienting the babysitter, saying good night and then heading out, tired, to dinner . . .

We have done it.

I find that I would rather find the kind of times that we enjoyed together before Cole.  So this week, I will be sharing a little about how Andrew and I find those times together that do fill my soul.

Happy Summer days.



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