Summer 2012 Week 9 {Dating Adventures} : Lunchtime Getaway

For much of our dating life and marriage Andrew and I were able to finagle lunch together.  We would have picnics in a park, go out to a restaurant, or eat at home.  One week a couple of summers ago we went to a different light house for lunch each day.

Andrew now commutes to work, but we still work to meet up for lunch when we can.  One day we headed out together to a relatively new restaurant in Salem, MA, while Cole was in daycare . . . a perfect treat.

I have had my eye on this building for years.  It was once Salem’s Jail opened in 1813 and operating until 1991.  It was then condemned.  For years it sat, untouched.  I was told it was full of asbestos.

I worked in Salem for years and it was legendary as a the jail where Houdini once escaped from . . . leading to its title now, The Great Escape.

We loved the decor.  It was restored thoughtfully and decorated producing an atmosphere of intrigue.

I love exploring with my husband.  I love a new adventure.  I love history.  This is my kind of summer date!



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