Summer 2012 Week 9 {Dating Adventures} : My Other Man

Cole and I have gone on lots of adventures this summer.

We have also gone on two dates: to the theater.  (I love how he says “to the theater” with glee).

I was nervous the first time around, unsure how he would be, would he sit still? be too loud? not like it?

The first show we saw was The Frog Prince


and then this week we saw The Three Little Pigs.


I was pleasantly surprised by how engaged Cole was at both shows.  He was a little gentleman.  And he loved going.  He understood so much of what was happening.

I was a bit disappointed with the theater productions themselves.  The frog prince used a puppet as the frog, it was hard to see.  The scripts themselves were not engaging.  The three little pigs went for an “update” where the pigs were trying out for America’s Baryard Idol.  I would have rather had him see the classic tales brought to life.

But he is three and he did not notice at all.

And we got to go on dates together and start a tradition of enjoying the theater.

I love taking time with my little man.


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