Summer 2012 Week 9 {Dating Adventures} : The Time In Between

Andrew and I have learned to make the most of the time in between.  One of the first times I remember taking the time inbetween and turning it into a memory was here in 2006.  We were on our way to my dad’s house and had to stop to let the cows cross the road.  While we were sitting in waiting, a glider flew overhead.

I had driven by the little Morrisville, Vermont airport for years growing up, and there had been a sign, “Glider Rides Today” out on most summer days.  While sitting watching the cows and the glider, we decided since we had extra time, we would give it a go – if there was a flight available and it would take under an hour, we were in.

What a wonderful way to adventure!  Andrew and I call it “Making Memories.”

We made some memories this past week when we were in Vermont, once again we had a little extra time before we were due at our friends’ house for lunch, so we took a little detour to Common Grounds, a mini golf place in my home town that has go-karts.

I hurt my back when some of my favorite guys got together and went go-karting this past October . . . so I got to race my beloved.

It was just the two of us and it was just fun.


Tips for Finding the time in-between:

  • Give yourself extra time, always add extra travel time when going places, leave early
  • Notice – signs and places that look like fun
  • Be open – making a memory is worth stepping out of your comfort zone

For other Adventure Ideas this fall you can check out Our 31 Days of Intentional Adventures series from last October.

Happy Adventuring!



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