Fall Mantel 2012

Our Fall Mantel began coming together during our summer vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine when we picked up two prints by Andrew Wyeth.  I was drawn to the simple, rustic colors and the striking lighting in each.  I loved that both had a story on the back, told by Andrew Wyeth.

I found myself returning to these two ideas.  The ladder: climbing toward something, toward the light.  And the hay ledge: setting aside one season in life to embrace another.

I love the touchstones that these images are for us during this season.

So we put together a mantel around these two themes.

Andrew built a miniature ladder for me out of an old pallet.  It reaches vertically with the wheat and a vertical window.

The hay ledge sits behind a horizontal window with flowers and hay.  In front I placed a little boat I found at a local antique store.

There is something peaceful about our mantel . . .

It allows me to sit and rest . . . as well as inspires me to be mindful of climbing and setting aside what is not for this season.

May your Fall be a season of continued adventure and rest, may there be a peace and a balance for you.



4 thoughts on “Fall Mantel 2012

  1. Liza, I love Andrew Wyeth and have a print of his hanging in my new place. There is a beautiful museum of his work in PA, near where I live, if you ever want to visit!


  2. It is *so* peaceful… I love it! I love hearing the meaning behind what you used, too. Beautiful, Liza!! Happy to be visiting from the Fall Nesting link up at The Inspired Room!


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