31 Days of Intention: Intro

Intention is a word that I have longed to embody.  I remember when it first occurred to me that I wanted to be someone who thought about and planned for things ahead of time.

I was twenty years old and listening to a lecture about Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  “Begin with the end in mind.”  The lecturer not only told stories and research that supported his point, but he had us all stand up and point our right hand out ahead of us and then told us, while staring forward to stretch our arm back as far as it would go.  We all did this and he encouraged us to look and see what we were pointing at.  We then shook out our arms and pictured ourselves reaching a foot further . . . and then we stretched our arm around again . . . all of us were able to stretch farther than we had anticipated.

I have done this exercise with groups of people again and again, encouraging them to picture in their mind’s eye, to set out with intention, for when we do have intention we are much more likely to meet our goal, or even exceed it.

For the month of October, my husband, Andrew and I have agreed to live 31 intentional days together.

I loved two years ago when we each agreed to take a picture a day in the month of July, how we really captured summer.  When I turned 40, he was in with me doing 40 things for being 40.  We both enjoyed 31 adventures last year in the month of October.  And for the past two summers, 2011 and 2012 we have done 10 theme weeks of summer.

I love that he is willing to adventure with me again.

31 Days is daunting.  But we found a way for it to be doable and one that we hope others might join in with us.

We have assigned each day of the week to an area where we both want to be intentional:

Each morning at 6:00 am we will post an intention for the day in that area.  At the end of the day we will follow up with our results.  No long blog posts, just steps toward becoming more and more intentional.

We are inviting you to join along, we would love to read and encourage you in your intentions, please join us in the comments section, for community brings accountability.

We are heading off on 31 Days of Intention.



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