Intention Day 31: Intention Reflection

… to reflect on our 31 Days of Intention

On October 1, Andrew agreed to join me in a little experiment of practicing intention.  We agreed to choose one intention each day in one of seven areas of our lives.

We both believe that it is important to live from intention, and we do practice it in many ways.

What I enjoy most about participating in 31 Days with the Nester and over 1200 bloggers is the way that living with the intention of posting every day marks every day of the month as different and unique.  This one step allows me to fully feel as if I have participated in the month of October and not allowed the days to tick by out of habit.  It is a shifting that happens for me and for us as a family.

The discovery that I made was that in this season of my life, I am not as intentional at work as I would like to be.  I loved Work Wednesdays where I planned an intention for tutoring and connecting at work.

I brought muffins to my co-workers,


made little study tip reminders for my students

I joined a committee to focus on educating boys (our first session was postponed until tonight)

And I brought a little bit of Fall into the classroom by picking up some cider and some cider donuts.



My other favorite intention I had was when I planned various activities for Cole while I was away:


We will absolutely continue to live with intention.  I especially appreciated these two areas of increased focus, and will absolutely continue to be intentional at work and in parenting.

Gratitude to you for journeying with us.

May we each choose well . . .



Intention {Personal} Day 29: Stay Home

… stay home and ride out the storm.

Today turned out to be a different kind of day. With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the east coast, all 3 of us woke up this morning to find out we all would be hanging out at home today. So we put a fire in the fireplace, hoped to keep our power and made the best of things by carving pumpkins. Cole loved getting into the action pulling out all the insides of the pumpkins. And then of course we made some roasted pumpkin seeds.

Carving Pumpkins

Intention {Refresh} Day 28: Travel

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. 

I travel for travel’s sake. 

The great affair is to move. 

~Robert Louis Stevenson

Andrew and I traveled to and from NYC on the train this weekend.  It was peaceful.  It was good.  We got to talk and rest and be refreshed.

Some days we will just head out in the car and drive to the ocean, just for the sake of going.

Travel can be refreshing.  It was today.

Intention {Adventure} Day 27: New York City Wedding

 … attend the wedding of Liza’s first friend.


I have known Giacomo since I was three years old.  He was my first friend.  We not only went to one another’s houses to play, we went on vacations together.  I have so many little girl memories of him.  I love who he was.  He was such a kind soul and so funny.

He was like my brother.  And when something went wrong in our high school production of Chicago, I went back stage and cried and he hugged me and got me ready for the next scene (he was doing lights).

I have not seen him in over 20 years.

He got married this weekend, and so graciously invited me for a tremendous event.


It was a beautiful event and he married a beautiful woman.

Thank you to Giacomo and Elizabeth.  May your adventures together be as spectacular as this special day.

Intention {Community} Day 26: Stay Connected

…to re-connect with “kids” from my past.


I have worked with teenagers since I was a teen.  I was 18 when I worked at Camp Fireside as a counselor and then directed Ithiel Falls Camp Meeting the following year.

This was my very first cabin of campers ever (they are not teens).

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of teens.  I led church youth groups, taught classes, lived in a group home for chemically addicted teen boys, brought teens overseas, hosted teens overseas, directed drama troupes, led retreats, counseled, worked as a resident director, tutored, and more.

I adore teenagers.

And I so love watching them grown and learn and become.

Some of these students I have worked with have stayed in touch over the years.  Others I am connected to on Facebook.

And sometimes I get to sit with them face to face.

And that is a joy.

I chose long ago to let those students I work with take the lead in our friendship in the years to come.  And I appreciate every update I get, every email, every cup of tea.

This week I made sure to have time for two of my “kids,” both now in their 20’s.

I didn’t take pictures.  I meant to, but honestly, I was wrapped up in hearing about their lives now.  So here they are from days past and today.

I haven’t seen Sarah in years.  She is the same authentic and direct person she was when she was a sophomore in high school.  Today she seems incredibly self-aware and mature.  I adored meeting her for a morning tea.



No student that I have ever worked with has done a better job of staying in touch than Jade.  I met Jade when she was in eighth grade.  She is a remarkable human being and because she has been so in touch we have walked through a good deal of life together.  In the picture on the left she is loving children in Venezuela.  The same trip Andrew and I met on ten years ago.  And on the left she is beaming after her engagement to Jeremie.  They came over for a really nice night of dinner and games this week.

I feel grateful.  I am intentional about embracing opportunities to reunite with “students” from my past.  My life is fuller because of them.

Intention {Community} Day 26: Connect Locally

…to connect with people in my community

For the past 2 years we have loved exploring our town with the help of Art Grows Here.

It’s a homegrown event that takes place in July over the course of roughly a week. Local artists create art pieces and then show them in their yards. It has been a wonderful way to introduce Cole to art and has been fun for us to meet our neighbors.

This summer we got talking with one of the artists and found out they were looking for some help. So for my community intention I’ll be connecting up with the Art Grows Here folks to begin planning the show for July 2013. If you live on the North Shore and would be interested in being part of this fantastic event please feel free to be in touch!

Intention {Home} Day 25: Bring Order Again

   … to bring order again.


Entropy: Nature tends from order to disorder in isolated systems

I do like order, and Andrew and I work together to create systems of order in our home. However, over time order created disintegrates, and there are a number of places I can point to in our home where disorder has crept in.

    • the hall closet
    • the freezer
    • my bedside table
    • the medicine cabinet
    • the dining room hutch
    • the nook in our upstairs hallway
    • the guestroom (housing some of my summer clothes)
    • Colton’s Closet

While Andrew finishes organizing his tools in the basement.  I will be seeking to create order out of disorder.