Intention {Personal} Day 1: Exercise

… to exercise.

We are beginning our days of intention and our Mondays in September with focusing on something that will be good for our personal health and well-being.  So as we begin October I am intending to do more exercising.

I am an avid non-exerciser, while Andrew is up early every morning and heads to the gym on his lunch breaks.

I want to feel stronger.  So today I am going to exercise.  And I am shy about that, but I am stepping out intentionally and I am going to give it a go.  I will exercise for 20 minutes today.


So today’s intention was not as easy as I thought.

I awoke this morning feel so sick.  My body was achy, I had a sore throat, and I had a terrible headache.  I decided I would wait to exercise until I was feeling better.

And I did get rid of my headache with medication . . .

But I still felt so lousy . . .

But I had made my first intention in October.  And I had planned to just try dancing to a “So You Think You Can Dance” video . . . So I could at least try, and if it felt like too much I could sit today out.

So I put on the video, and I have to recommend it.  I think it is called “Tone and Groove.”  I put on Twitch, and he encouraged me the whole way through.  He broke down a hip hop routine into 8 counts, and I learned it.  No one saw me.  I couldn’t see myself, but even sick it felt good to move a bit.  Little by little is one of our mantra’s.


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