Intention {Parenting} Day 2: Encouraging Solo Playtime

. . . to encourage Cole to have solo playtime.

You can read from my posts this summer and discover that I really tailored my days to focusing on Colton, our three-year old throughout the summer.  I think to a fault.  I felt guilty when I did not have activities planned for him or when I said no to playing with blocks or trains.  I am a first time mom; Cole is an only child; I am sure I fall into many, many stereotypes.  I am working on that.

During the school year Cole is in Pre-School three days a week.  On Tuesdays Andrew works from home and I am home with him on Thursdays.

We made the decision this year not to hire a babysitter for those morning hours when I am not home (9:00 to noon).  So there are three hours in the morning when we are really encouraging Cole to play on his own.

We have only had a couple of weeks of this, and the boys are doing swimmingly.  Today while I am away I am leaving them 6 boxes.  One for each half hour.  It took me no time at all to put them together.  I got three things at the dollar store, books from the library and pulled out some crafts from our stash.  I will ask Andrew to take some pictures and let you know how this goes.  I realize it could backfire and that Cole could be entertained for a minute and then want to open another box.  But I do think there is something to be said for a little intentionality in helping him discover new things and his own toys.  I do hope he feels loved and finds himself doing new things.


It worked!  Cole was inside all day and he was as sweet at the end of the day as at the beginning.  Every half hour or so he had something new to do.  I was home more of the morning, so I got to see him open his first couple of boxes, and his papa took pictures so I could see some of the others I missed.

Boxes included:  Dinosaurs (dollar store), Stickers (we had), Lightening McQueen 3-2 Coloring (dollar store), and  Library Books (Library).


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