Intention {Parenting} Day 2: Respond in Peace

… to respond in peace. 

I adore my son, Colton. He is one of the funniest, smartest, most amazing little guys I know. And honestly, sometimes, he makes me feel so incredibly frustrated. But Liza and I have found that Cole responds the best to positive affirmation rather than a stern word.

When Cole does something he should not and I feel frustrated and voice my frustrations to Cole, rather than listening to me, Colton reflects back my own feelings often getting more frustrated.

So today, as I am working from home and have Colton with me, I choose to respond in peace to Cole. No matter what he does or does not do, I will try to model peace and  provide him guidance, correction and love in ways that help him grow into an even more amazing little guy.

Cole and I had a great day today. With much help from Liza who put together 6 wonderful activity boxes for Cole to play with while I worked, he was well entertained throughout the day. And thinking ahead about what he would be doing, helped prepare me to work with him rather than reacting all the time. There were moments were I found myself adjusting how I was approaching a situation and at the end of the day I feel like there was much peace in our day.



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