Intention {Home} Day 4: Organize the Built-ins

. . . to organize the built-ins.

These are our built-ins.  Andrew built them.  You can read about that in our post about a more livable living room.  I have tried my hand at decorating them for fall/ winter and then again for spring/summer.  We have enjoyed the extra storage and the cozy feel they bring to our living room.

Last year when my sister in law asked me if she could look in them I think I blurted out a little too quickly, “No!”  Before re-grouping and explaining that we just had not gotten to actually organizing them.

We could do all kinds of things, and we may . . . but for today, my intention is to organize the drawers and cabinets.  Next time Andrew’s sister is here from Virginia, I intend to be ready, and more importantly our family will be able to find things easily and quickly.


We did it.

The built-ins have hardware (thank you, Andrew) and they are organized.  You are welcome to check out our drawers and cabinets when we invite you over.


The Left Built-Ins contain our toddler’s things in one drawer and cabinet and our games in the other drawer and cabinet.  In the bins we have play-doh, puzzles and crayons, etc.  All of his coloring and sticker books are in the white magazine holder.

Our board games are in the next lower cabinet, and that drawer holds card games and dice and smaller games.

The Right built-ins are more technology centered.  The first cabinet holds various kinds of paper (card stock, photo paper, vellum) and the drawer above is filled with printer paper and white card stock.

The final cabinet holds our printer and our hard drives.  The drawer above it contains tech things including our scanner and various cords that we use.

We love having an organized space.






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