Intention {Community} Day 5: Encourage a Friend

 . . . to let a friend know I am thinking of her.

I have an amazing friend.  She is the kind of person that is unruffled and always accepting.  Simultaneously she inspires me and spurs me on.  She is one of the wisest women I know.

And in the midst of being gracious and gorgeous . . . she has had her share of challenges.  And she has had a tremendous challenge this year.

And I think about her all the time and feel completely helpless and unsure of how to encourage her.  So regardless . . . today I am going to encourage her.


I decided to put together a Fall basket.  I put in little things that remind me of fall, and that might encourage my friend that this new season might be better.

A fall basket:

    • kitchen towels
    • seasonal napkins
    • jam
    • cinnamon sticks
    • seasonal candles
    • Notecards
    • String
    • White pumpkins
    • Flowers


I drove to my friend’s home.  I did not know if she would be there.  And I assumed that if she was there she would be resting.  When arrived her folks were in town and were outside with the kiddos.

With laryngitis I greeted them and told them how hard it was for me to know what to do for their daughter.  They agreed.  And I saw us, these uncertain people hoping to love on my friend, only to deplete her sometimes and bump into her places that she has worked on.

I ran inside and placed the basket on the counter . . . now feeling guilty that it might just be another that she would need to deal with.

On my way out to the car, she came downstairs and insisted on connecting.

She had had a hard day,

I felt terribly, and slightly good, because at least now she has physical evidence that I am thinking about her and loving her.

I don’t know if a Fall Basket is an encouragement.

But I kept my ears open for ways to bless her, and I am going to keep trying.

I pray for my friend, I pray peace and grace.  I pray healing.




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