Intention {Adventure} Day 6: Explore the Local Fair

… to explore the local fair with family and friends.

On Saturdays we have decided that we will just post once since we get to adventure all together as a family. This weekend we have decided to head out to the Topsfield Fair and see what we can find. We went last year and had a great time. Cole was able to ride some rides and we are always fans of some fried dough. This year we are going with friends and are looking forward to the giant pumpkin! Should be a fun excursion.



We had two Adventures today.  We went to an Auction down the street at a sweet old farm house.  What a wild experience.  Everything from the house was outside on the lawn, and the porch.  It felt sad to think of a family’s belongings all being auctioned off. Simultaneously it was all an adventure of people gaining beautiful items and interesting items.  There was a couch, love-seat and chair that all went for $10.  The house itself was auctioned off for $495,000.  We did not take a lot of pictures, but we did have a really fun time.

And then we did head to the Fair.  It was packed, but it was fun.

Cole loved it.

Boys of all ages had a good time.

Happy Saturday Adventures to you!


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