Intention {Refresh} Day 7: Time for Two

    . . . to spend time out, just the two of us.

We love our little family of three.  And we love spending time together.

We also really do newly cherish the time when it is just Liza and Andrew.  Today we will spend time just the two of us.

We had wonderful time together today. After dropping off Cole with my parents, Liza and I bopped over to the mall. Not that the mall is all that exciting, but it is a different experience to do things with 2 adults versus 2 adults and a 3 year old. We stopped for lunch at the CheeseCake Factory and had a nice lunch just the two of us, got to talk and enjoy a slower paced lunch.

Afterwards we headed back home, got all dressed up and headed out to the wedding of our good friend’s daughter. It was a lovely ceremony and a wonderful reception, great fun was had by all!

Today was a nice reminder of how wonderful and how important it is for the 2 of us to just spend time together, truly filling for our souls.


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