Intention {Parenting} Day 9: Celebrate

 . . . to celebrate with Cole.

Today is my birthday.  And I have today off.  Cole has today off as well.

I have a couple of plans, but I have some Mama and Colton time.  And I am not sure what we will do exactly, but we are going to celebrate . . .


Today is my birthday.  At age 23 I had a revelation about celebrating my birthday.

Years later Sarah Ban Breathnach articulated my thoughts in her birthday ritual, which I have made my own.

So today when I thought about what I most wanted to do with Cole to celebrate my birthday.  I knew.  I wanted to visit sacred places.  It is the way I love to celebrate life.  I love to get outside into nature.

So today Cole and I visited three of my favorite places on the North Shore.

First we went to Tuck’s Point, where Andrew and I were going to get married (but alas it rained) and Cole loved discovering this sacred place.

Next we headed to Singing Beach, where Andrew and I went on our first date and where he proposed.

Our last stop was a place I knew Cole would love: Norman’s Woe.  We “hiked” out to the rocks and then climbed around.  Cole was in heaven and it brought me great joy and peace.

It was a lovely day.  And I felt loved from the souffle that greeted me in the morning to the molton lava cake tonight.

And all the way in between.

Hoping my little man will continue to enjoy celebrating by adventuring out.


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