Intention {Toddler} Day 9: Big Boy Bed

… to take down Cole’s crib.

Months ago we setup a “big boy” bed in Cole’s room. He has slept in it off and on. Our biggest issue has been helping him learn that he needs to stay in bed until a certain time.

When he just would not stay in bed, we would move him back to his crib which seemed to provide a sense of peace and calming and he slept better for the night. Then we were traveling and he would be sleeping in a pack and play so we had him sleeping in his crib more long term. For the past week+ though he has been sleeping in his big boy bed and doing such a good job. So we have decided it is time to take down the crib and make the full switch.

There have been moments along the path of Cole growing up where I didn’t realize something would be his last. His last time wearing a certain shirt, last time crawling, last time taking a bottle. This is another last time. And I feel a little sad. But I also feel so proud of my little guy and love who he is growing up to be.

Cole was a great helper taking down his crib. Hard to believe it is down and we are on to a new chapter with Cole. May he grow well into this new phase of life.

Cole Taking Down His Crib


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