Intention {Adventure} Day 13: Kitchen Tour

 … to enjoy the annual kitchen tour.

The last thing Cole said before he went to bed last night?

“Mama, after ‘bretfast’ do we get to go on the adventure to all the houses?”

“Yes, Cole.”

He fell asleep with a big smile on his face.

He is our little guy.

We love the kitchen tour.  We have blogged about it in 2010 and 2011.  It is just so interesting to go into beautiful homes.  We are all excited to go.


It was an incredible day.  And Cole had a great time.  He hopped in the backpack and we traveled to 8 different homes.

We did not stop in at house #1

 It is our neighbor’s home and we have been inside.  So we headed out to houses beyond that we have not seen.

House #2 was done on a “modest budget.  The owners kept their granite counter tops and appliances.  This piece of black walnut on the island was really beautiful.  The renovation as done by Howell Custom Building Group.

House #3 was a town house on a golf course.  It had a custom mural and a black bathroom off the kitchen recently featured in the Boston Sunday Globe Magazine.  This Kitchen was done by Wilson Kelsey Design, Inc.

House #4 was a dark kitchen transformed into a “French Country Kitchen” designed by Lisa Kawski of LMK Interiors, Ltd.  Cole loved this house, they had scones and pumpkin bread and more out and ready.  It turned out they were provided by Pure Pastry a caterer nearby.  They were delicious.  But Cole did not know what was coming . . . House #5 was magical for him.

House #5 is affectionately known around town as the “bunny house.”  The owner is Robin of Robin’s Nest Designs. The kitchen and room above it were mesmerizing with hand painted cabinetry and its yellow appliances.  The scene stealer was the train that ran on a track built on a shelf.  The room was designed around the train.  Cole was in love.

House #6 was renovated by Meadowview Construction, we remembered this company from House #1 last year.  They had a pumpkin cookie that made Cole happy for quite a while.

House #7 is on the market.  It has a beautiful widow’s walk with ocean views.

We decided to go enjoy our own ocean view.  We picked up sandwiches and ate at the beach before continuing the tour.

House #8 was our favorite.

The homeowner was there when we walked in and I declared my love for it right away.  He had just finished the backsplash the night before.  It is a renovation by the homeowners themselves.  Love it.  His wife is an interior designer.  Beautiful job Mary Fortunato-McElwain and Jeremy McElwain.

House #9 was also just finished.  All we have is a shot of it in progress from Design Vignettes.  The countertops were beautiful.  It is a 1850’s sea captain’s home.  So lovely.

Cole fell asleep for  three homes, and rode in his car seat and backpack without waking up for over an hour.  Pretty sweet.

It was a really lovely day.  I love the North Shore of Boston.


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