Intention {Toddler} Day 16: Positive Parenting

… for us to read about Positive Parenting together.

Liza and I very much believe in providing Cole positive direction and guidance. We blogged previously about how much Cole responds to positive reinforcement versus negative punishment.

We are always looking to find ways we can improve as parents and approach parenting in ways to benefit, shape and grow Cole in ways that help him to thrive.

We will begin reading through an ebook called “Parenting with Positive Guidance” by Amanda Morgan who operates the blog

We started reading through things today and are very encouraged. First, by the approach presented in the book with the idea that it is possible to help grow and shape discipline inside of a child. Much like children learn to walk, they also learn to make healthy decisions and there are ways we can help them do that. Also liked the reminder that my reactions should be less about my feelings and more about helping direct Cole back to a place where he recognizes he has a choice to do well. Feeling encouraged.


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