Intention {Work} Day 17: Researching Educating Boys

 … to research the education of boys.

I have been tremendously interested this year in how we educate boys.  I began tutoring two students from an all boys school and I am a very interested in the differences in education between these students and those I work with every day at a co-ed private school.

I have made my own observations in over twenty years of working with adolescents.  I am really interested to compare my thoughts with actual research.  A few weeks ago, for the first time in years, I voluntarily joined a committee.  It is a small group of educators that are going to look into the education of boys.  Our first meeting is in two weeks.  Before that time I am going to read the book The End of Men and watch the movie Raising Cain.  I will take steps toward both today.


Two steps forward.

1.  I stopped by the library and picked up the dvd of Raising Cain

I also learned that the author of the book Michael Thompson is speaking on Saturday night around the corner from us.  I was excited to possibly get a babysitter and head over with Andrew.  Wasn’t it meant to be that we were going to watch this and he is right here in town?  No.  Tickets are $100 a piece!  We will be watching the video instead.

2.  I downloaded and started listening to The End of Men.

Thus far I have definitely been challenged to examine our culture today with new glasses.  I am not sure that I would say that I like the book, but I am interested in the research and it has already encouraged me to think more about who our boys are becoming and the role that women have in that process.


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